Lady Gaga: Applause?

Well, no one can say they expected the music video to make any sense. After a roughly year-long hiatus, Lady Gaga is back at it and proving she hasn’t changed much since her bat-shit antics from her Born This Way album. The first few shots of theater curtains and Fellini black and white styling make you think, “hmmm, well maybe she’s actually found a theme for this video, a motif if you will, that will make this tolerable to watch.” She has, but it turns out that theme is “LOOK HOW CRAZY I CAN BE!!!”

The whole song is largely Gaga just making weird faces in weird costumes. She changes personas roughly every 15 seconds: Aphrodite, the painted clown face from her album cover, a crazy bird lady both in and out of a cage/tragic blonde wig, a human-headed black swan, and something that looks oddly akin to The Mad Hatter. Oh, and I almost forgot the times she rolls around on a mattress, presumably to show her inner hooker-diva. And the pageant witch, walking through a purple light portal and carrying a bouquet of flowers in a 5″ human leg. So there’s that…

If there’s one this video proves, it’s that Beyonce’s next album cannot come soon enough.


Ciao Bella!


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