Spirit Day? Bring It On!

Not sure this is what #SpiritDay is about, but I’m ignoring that fact… Enjoy some Bring It On!

Happy #SpiritDay everyone! Hope you’re all wearing purple and helping support the end to bullying, because in case you didn’t know, that’s what today is all about. We all wear purple, eat purple cupcakes, post a ridiculous number of purple images to Facebook and twitter, and collectively agree that bullying is the dumbest idea since the fanny-pack. I will remind you that anytime you write down the words #SpiritDay, you have to place a hashtag in front of it. If you don’t, the kids we’re trying to reach may not understand our message. They only speak in tweets now, and unless you catch their attention with a hashtag, they’re probably just going to ignore what you’re saying. Because you’re old. And not hip. And probably are still confused as to what Twitter actually is.

In all seriousness, Spirit Day is an amazing way to show you won’t stand for bullying. And you really don’t even have to do much. Just put on a purple shirt. And if you don’t have a purple shirt, you’re probably a bully and should stay away from children for the rest of your life then purple face paint or ribbons or hair dye will work just as fine. It’s kind of like a purple Gay Pride parade today, but minus the parade part. So look flashy, eat those delicious purple baked goods the admin brought into the office today, and show a little #spirit! Oh, but unlike Kirsten Dunst in the clip above, don’t let your top fall off in public. That’s not a part of #SpiritDay.

Ciao Bella!
Matteo Yazge

The below picture includes both Bring It On and a gay character accepted for who he is. Happy Spirit Day!


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