The New Normal and phlegm-busting: two things I love this week

I’m. Obsessed.

There are two very special things that stand out about this week. The first: I finally bought a Neti Pot and have been using saline solution to blast all the mucus out of my sinus cavity. I mean, who knew the sheer volume of phlegm that your head contains. And yet, while I have taken an unhealthy liking to shooting salted-down water through one nostril and out the other, I’m not sure that I can say I love it as much as NBC’s new show The New Normal. The pilot has been available online for a little over a week, and I can’t stop watching it. As a rule of thumb, most pilots are awful; the cast doesn’t have chemistry yet, the show runners are still working out the kinks, and there’s a whole lot of exposition that’s required. And at first that’s what I thought was going to happen to this little gem. BUT! About half way through, it starts pulling on your heart strings. Also, Nana’s misguided/intolerant rants get vastly more entertaining the more lines she’s given (and the more African Americans she comes in contact with).

What’s so great about this show is that not only is it entertaining, but it is creating exposure and awareness for a community that is having its rights decided on the national political stage this fall. It’s super easy to hate “the gays” when you’ve never met someone who is from the LGBT community. Shows like this put a face on a community that many portions of this country don’t have a lot of day-to-day exposure to. I especially appreciate the artistic decision to make David’s character a football fan. Because yes, while Bryan and many other gays love to spend all day at Barney’s or wear what the daughter in the show refers to as “lady pants”, it’s not a card-carrying requirement. Though all gays do try on their best girl friend’s pants at least once. Just for kicks and giggles. It makes us feel skinny. But at the end of the day, we just want what everyone else wants: to be loved. And as The New Normal proves, when you find that right person, you make a family. That’s just how it works, regardless of your orientation. Just remind me to get a personal assistant like NeNe Leakes, because I feel that while I’ll only need one life-partner, having a woman like that around can’t hurt.

The second episode airs tonight on NBC at 9:30 EST/ 8:30c, so in the course of 24 hours you get two whole episodes! I’ll be watching with a glass of wine in hand. You’re all more than welcome to join. Oh, and afterwards we can all take turns with the Neti Pot and see who’s racked up the most phlegm over the course of the day. Cheers!

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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