Michelle Obama is awesome, Julian Castro’s daughter potentially awesomer

I love this woman. I mean, how can you not?

Last night Michelle Obama gave hands down the best speech the campaign has seen all year. It was personal, honest, and powerful. Also, I’m pretty sure I was in good (middle aged lady) company last night when I was sobbing like a little baby through the whole thing. She brought back the message of hope that was so prevalent last election. And sorry Anne Romney, but no one believes for a second that you and Mitt ever had it rough. I mean, sure, it’s really hard to find a parking spot for a yacht, especially in the middle of land-locked Nevada. But that whole time you were living in a basement apartment, you were floating on Mitt’s stock investments. You were willfully unemployed. That’s why you didn’t have a job. The Obamas had real hardship. Did you hear the part about how Barrack’s rusted out car had a huge hole in the passenger door? I’m surprised it wasn’t a Flintstone car! Anyway, the Obamas win the “who pulled on their bootstraps harder” contest. But there was someone else at the DNC last night that won the “who can flip their hair the cutest” award:

OMG HOW ADORABLE!!!! Seriously??? This girl is going places. Sure, her dad – Mayor Julian Castro – gave an amazing speech. He may even be the next Obama if things go the way they did 8 years ago. But this little girl didn’t miss her cue at all. Her dad says something on stage about “our beautiful daughter, Carina” the cameras cut to her, and BAM! Hair toss. What. A. NUGGET. When I have a daughter, we will have to commit serious hours to practicing our synchronized speech giving and hair tossing, mainly because it’s not a skill that everyone is blessed with. For most of us, the aptly timed cute gesture is something we work at for years before perfecting. This little hija? She’s got it in spades, and she’s only 3. And with a name like Carina Victoria, there will obviously be fragrance and shoe deals in her future.

But I mean really, I can’t stop watching this gif.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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