Republican National Convention less colorful than Hillary’s Pant Suits


Normally I’m game for anything broadcast live from a location where multiple Republican figureheads are gathered together. Their antics are so adorable, almost in a Rocky and Bullwinkle kind of way. I mean, in the past month or so we’ve had Romney say he was so white that no one doubts his birth certificate; Senator Akin talked about how powerful and effective the human vagina is in fighting off rapists; Mike Huckabee equated eating ample amounts of fried chicken with doing God’s will. You can’t make up shit like this. I’m always vastly entertained. So, when I couldn’t make it home to watch the RNC last night, I was a little upset. Instead, I was at spin class with a large crowd of mostly ethnic and/or gay individuals, being healthy and embracing a diverse peer group (two things Chris Christie could use a lesson in). When I got home, I turned to my most reliable news sources (Gawker, The Daily Show, my friends Taylor and Lauren)  to find out what went down at the RNC. It sounded pretty horrid and uneventful, but here’s what I gleaned:

  1. A Puerto Rican delegate was allegedly boo-ed off stage, presumably because the delegates from Texas thought she was an undocumented worker.
  2. Some guy threw peanuts at an African American camerawoman working for CNN, and then told her “This is how we feed animals.”
  3. Ann Romney gave a really weird speech, and kept using her husband’s last name, repeatedly referring to him as “Mitt Romney.” Not, “my husband” or “Mitt” or “Mittens” or “Kittens McGee”. Don’t tell me that Mormons don’t believe in pet names for their lovers….

All in all, it seemed like a bad night for anyone with pigment or a uterus. Particularly bad night if you had both. So in that vein, I’d like to take a minute to discuss a very colorful woman who supports both women’s rights and just equality in general. Oh, and a nicely hued pant suit.


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the rainbow of Hillary’s pant suits. Doesn’t it make you feel comfortable knowing our foreign diplomacy is being set my a power woman who likes to mix up her color pallet? My sister recently had to buy “big girl work clothes” for her first college business class, and my advice was what it’s always been: what would Hillary wear? I mean, this woman has more color in her wardrobe than an entire lineup of the RNC. I leave with a few choice pictures of her in some of her better sartorial choices.


 “Wearing a suit this good, makes me feel so zen.”

 “You just won the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award!”

 I think she just saw the Republican’s position on female reproductive rights…

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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