Replaced iPhone = real Call Me Maybe? (but probably not)

Lest we forget…

I used to mock people for losing their phones, and thus all their contacts, which inevitably ended in a lot of internet badgering for phone numbers. Alas, I have finally become that which I loathe. It’s a very ugly morning when you wake up, look yourself in the mirror, and realize that you are going to have to use all the social media nagging abilities within your disposal to feel like you haven’t lost an entire digital rolodex. Also, you’re going to have to explain to half the people you know what a rolodex is.

All I wanted was for my speakers (and ringer) on my phone to work. The Apple Genius said he had to completely replace the phone, so out with the mute one, in with a refurbished one. Yes, refurbished as in, “no idea who used this phone before me or how many of their bodily orifices they attempted to insert it into.” Oh the things Siri must have seen… poor girl. While it doesn’t really matter, I think the crucial mistake was thinking I had all my contacts backed up to my laptop, when in fact everything was backed up to the “cloud.” You know, that ominous online data storage that almost no one uses, and even less people understand. So when I got home, I wondered why nothing would download from the cloud. Well, my cloud was empty. No phone numbers raining down from that digital cumulonimbus. And thus I turned to a different type of cloud –  or maybe more accurately described, a “shit storm” known as Facebook – to make my plea for errrr-buddy’s digits. In the process I’ve had to let go of whatever self-respect I had (which wasn’t much), and own that I had become an “iPhone fail” Facebooker. That said, I’ve gotten some funny texts, and it’s been a nice way to casually catch up with people whose numbers I’d like to have but haven’t spoken with in a few months.

Before I go, I would like to thank everyone who has already given me their number. I would also like to warn everyone who hasn’t: I will be coming for you. I will Facebook, tweet, blog, Skype, G-chat, foursquare, fivesquare, and maybe even sixsquare you all the way to end of the world and back until I have “yo numbah.” So uh, listen girl…. CAN I HAVE IT???

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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