“Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” Nope. :)

Oh hey ladies! 

Last night I went to a reading in celebration of the release of Dan Bucatinsky’s Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? You might recognize Dan from the hilarious Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow. He’s done other things too, but Web Therapy  is my favorite (and probably should be yours too). Does This Baby… is about Dan’s life and misadventures as a gay dad. He and his husband have two children, and a boatload of hilarious stories that include lice, Disney movies, and a small girl’s Toddlers in Tiaras themed birthday party. We got to hear some fanTASTIC ladies read with Dan last night from his book: Melissa Etheridge, Molly Shannon, Mary McCormack, Minnie Driver, and the amazing Sandra Oh. I was in heaven. I kept plotting ways I could sneak up behind Minnie and Sandra and get a picture with the two of them. Naturally while we took the picture, I’d get in a few subtle snippets of career advice like, “WHY ARE YOU STILL ON THAT SHITSHOW, GREY’S ANATOMY!?” I miss the Sideways Sandra Oh, the Under the Tuscan Sun Sandra Oh. She needs to get back into movies, and she needs to do it yesterday. But I digress.

The night was also hosted by Family Equality Council, which works to get all families equal rights. There are still 33 states where it is either not legally protected or illegal for both parents in same-sex partnerships to have custodial rights of their own children. So that’s nice that they work to help families. I’d say more about that, but I’m not feeling particularly preachy this morning. I still can’t stop thinking about how Minnie Driver discovered her shirt was practically see-through under the spotlights, which she acknowledged right into the microphone. Love. Her. Another fine actress that needs to get her ass back into a movie sooner than later. I can only watch her episodes of Will & Grace  on repeat so many times… Again, digressing.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy this book, the answer is YES. We heard 6 of the chapters last night, and I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard. There’s one chapter where Dan discusses another gay couple he and his partner are friends with. Apparently, they are the type of couple that enjoy company… at dinner, at the movies, in the shower. The whole chapter Dan comes to terms with the fact that he’s just not the kind of guy who needs more than 8 limbs in his bed, unless his kiddos are crawling in after a bad dream. Though it may take a male grooming incident to remind him of that! I could go on and on about the other passages we heard, but I really want you to buy this book. We got to meet Dan afterward and get our books signed, and put aside the fact that he’s hilarious and an amazing writer; he’s just a really awesome, kind individual. You couldn’t support a better author.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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