Matt Yazge and Meryl Streep to Cohabitate

She was beyond delighted to hear the news.

So, you know how Meryl and I have always been close, right? Well, in my head at least, which could explain a rather in depth day dream I had last weekend (and have been pondering ever since). Last Friday I took a nap when I got home from work, and had the most remarkable dream: Meryl Streep and I were living in the same house. I’m not entirely sure what the nature of our relationship was, but we were both very happy to be in the same home together. The house itself was gorgeous, but that really goes without saying. Would you ever dream that she lives in a rent-controlled studio? For most of the dream there was just this montage of her walking down a hallway with her son and daughter (from It’s Complicated), but really doing more of a frolic or a bounce. Almost as if they were gently skipping in slow motion. Add the fact that they were all blonde, wearing different shades of off-white, and that dream-Meryl had picked the loveliest shade of robin’s egg blue for the walls in her hallway, and that may be the closest thing I ever get to divine intervention in a dream. The entire dream she was also carrying around a glass of white wine, which only complemented her hair even more. While I never asked dream-Meryl, I am very definite that this wine was not a Chardonnay, because she is a classy lady and would only drink Sauvignon Blanc, or potentially a Pinot Grigio if the occasion really called for it. Though who knows? She could have been throwing dream-me a curve ball and drinking some Portuguese Vinho Verde. She’s such a worldly individual.

At one point in the dream I said that I liked Meryl’s other house just as much (for some reason in my dream I was convinced she had another street down the road). When she began to look slightly confused, I realized that it wasn’t Meryl’s house down the street, but actually Diane Keaton’s. I wasn’t really sure how well dream-Meryl and dream-Diane Keaton got along, or if dream-Meryl would appreciate the direct comparison. So, dream-me quickly moved on to the next topic, which – as you will note – was the most pertinent point of this dream: I offered to help Meryl take care of the family. I was going to leave work a little early every day so that I could be home and make dinner for everyone, and she thought that was just dandy. You hear that? Meryl Streep is totally a fan of my cooking, and wants my help raising her fictional children. I’m pretty sure I can quit my day job right this instant.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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