Discrimination: a bad week to be gay

I love this family. I want to hug the Youngs.

Someone inform all the bullies and bigots that they can take the weekend off; they have done quite the spectacular job this week in propagating hate and inequality. Let’s turn first to the geniuses in North Carolina who passed an amendment to ban gay marriage. Voters went to the polls yesterday, and with a majority vote that proved why I will never live in the South, the amendment passed. I would like to point out here that it was already illegal for gay couples to get married in North Carolina, you know, because if you had to choose between living next to a lesbian couple in a long term relationship or a Duke Lacrosse player, you’d opt for the potential sex offender over the couple with the cute cropped haircuts who could help caulk your bathtub or round out your bowling team. Or at least that’s conventional wisdom in Carolina… So, not only was it illegal, but North Carolina voters’ thirst for injustice would not be quenched unless gay marriage was doubly illegal. Super illegal. Unconstitutional. Honestly, it seems like overkill. I think that wearing Crocs or Uggs should be illegal, unconstitutional, and punishable by lethal injection. But you don’t see me getting in between people are they’re fetishes for ugly footwear. People should be allowed to live their lives with the person (or ugly shoes) they love, and be afforded all the civil liberties that we are all guaranteed under the law. No matter how dumb their fellow state citizens are.

Speaking of dumb people all huddled together in one state, let’s talk about Indiana! My lovely home state, where I spent the first 19 years of my life, has recently made news not by hating all gays, but just one in particular this time. Darnell “Dynasty” Young, seated to the left in the picture above is a self-identified gay teen who is out to his community. (He also has a pretty freaking awesome middle name.) Apparently his community was a little less enthusiastic about his sexual preferences than he was, however, and this is where the trouble begins. Darnell had been the victim of bullying, complaining to the school that he was being mistreated and even threatened with violence. In true Indiana fashion, Darnell was dismissed and apparently told to “tone it down.” Like any other person with a brain, Darnell and his mother were not quite satisfied with this response from a school administration that should be watching out for the safety of its students. Darnell’s mom then bought him a taser to protect himself, since no one else would. Now, while I don’t think that buying a taser is the best solution, it – like Darnell’s middle name – is most assuredly the awesomest. After being harassed on April 16th by six of his peers who were threatening him with physical violence, Darnell brandished the taser and fired it into the air. Note: no one actually got tased. Darnell was handcuffed, and yesterday was officially expelled. So, way to go Indiana for taking care of your own. Let’s solve bullying by expelling all the victims. If they’re not at school, they can’t be bullied! HUZZAH! As someone who went through Indiana public schools, I can tell you that this does not sound like the exception to the rule. My particular high school, while it took violence very seriously, never really dealt with the general hostility towards LGBT teens, or anyone who was different for that matter. And while I’d love to hear about tasers popping up all over the country in the hands of victimized youths, maybe we should just fix the actual problem and respect people instead, yeah?


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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