VEEP: the funnier side of political ineptitude

She almost makes me want to run for office someday.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened had Sarah Palin actually made it into office? Me neither. It would cause to much hypothetical emotional scarring. Thankfully, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the rest of the cast of HBO’s VEEP are willing to explore the idea of any oblivious politician and her equally as inept staff managing to find themselves in office. This show feels like the equivalent of what might happen if Aaron Sorkin wrote for Always Sunny in Philadelphia; it’s a bunch of idiots swearing all the time, only instead of running a bar, they’re a few heart beats away from running the country. In Sunday’s premiere, Selina (Julia Loui-Dreyfus’s Character) accidentally makes a joke in poor taste about mental illness in the middle of a speech, fires a staffer who makes a Twitter gaffe, and then her Chief of Staff signs the wrong name on a condolence card to the widow of a Senator who is repeatedly referred to as a known sex offender. They also make a point of saying that when the most prominent sex offender in the Senate dies, the President has to sign his widow’s condolence card. That’s just how Washington works.

The best part of VEEP might be that Buster from Arrested Development is in the show! He’s just as soft-spoken and awkward as he was in the FOX series, but now he has security clearance. He also may attempt to wander around “incognito” while wearing a bright red women’s raincoat. As part of the VP’s entourage, he whispers into the her ear important things about the people she’s talking to (think Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada). So, you’ll see him popping in and out of the screen all episode saying weird things and writing down Senator’s dog’s names on coffee cups.

I guess the most glaring parallel to draw would be to Parks and Recreation. It’s the same idea: a bunch of misfits in political office, trying not to let their own misadventures ruin the country/Pawnee. The only real distinction between the two (besides Lil Sebastian) is that on HBO you’re allowed to swear up a storm. Oh, and there will probably be boobs at some point. Lots and lots of boobs. Let’s watch and find out together, shall we?

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge.

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