Lohan to Appear on Glee: both should disappear

OMG Imma be on Gleeee?!

The Daily Beast is reporting that Lindsay Lohan will appear on Glee this May. I’m reporting “who cares.” We all saw her on SNL and agreed that the only camera she needs to be in front of is a home surveillance camera. Rumor has it she might be playing herself as a judge at Nationals. That could potentially be the least awkward scenario for everyone involved. They can make a few jokes at her expense so Lindsay can look like she’s able to poke fun at herself. Plus, she won’t be on screen for longer than roughly 90 seconds. The only better alternative is that the Glee Club’s bus accidentally hits Lindsay on their way to nationals, and instead of making it to Carnegie Hall or wherever, they have to cut off all of Leah Michelle’s hair to make a tourniquet for Lindsay’s leg until they can get to a hospital.  Add in some cat fights and potential illicit drug use, and that’s an episode I would proudly watch.

The bigger question is who even watches Glee anymore? I know I posted a little over a month ago about the teen suicide episode, but by and large this show has long out-lived it’s reason to continue appearing on television. So in a sense, this casting decision is a perfect match: two pop culture entities whose relevance are hanging on by a thread. And I am allowed to say this, as someone whose cultural relevance never even had a thread. I’m threadbare so to speak. So, I can relate. But they should just do what I did: sink into the dark abyss that is the internet and write blog posts to their mothers every day. It’s the only respectable option. That said, I’ll still probably watch the episode. Thank God lent will be over by then, so I can at least pop open a bottle of wine and drink until the music sounds good again… Who would like to join?

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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