Raisinet Muffins = Genius

Why hello, tasty dark chocolate covered raisins buried within sweet cinnamon apple maple muffins.

In an attempt to get out of yesterday’s aforementioned “big boy pants”, I decided to try and reconnect with my inner child. It didn’t work entirely as I’d planned. I was aiming to behave like an 8-year-old boy, licking the spatula from the muffin batter and making a big ol’ mess in my kitchen. Instead, I ended up being an odd mix of a 72-year-old woman (for obvious reasons) and a 13-year-old girl (we’ll get to that in a minute). Only a septuagenarian would make muffins on a weeknight, let alone muffins filled with Raisinets, possibly the oldest-appealing candy for people without their original teeth. The one exception might be caramel hard candies… I do love me a good butterscotch. But it’s amazing what an entire pack of Dark Chocolate Rasinets can do for  a batch of Gwyneth Paltrow’s vegan cupcakes, which are now not totally vegan because of the chocolate. Sorry Gwyneth, but sometimes you just need to add some animal product. To make up for my un-vegan ways, I cut my all-purpose flour with rice and buckwheat flour. Somewhere, a little vegan fairy just got its wings back and a kill-line in a slaughter house got all jammed up, allowing the cows to run free. Run home to California, cows! Happy cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows are from California!

Anyway, after being an old lady for part of my evening, I decided to get on Facebook. Nothing overtly 13-year-old girl about this act… yet. You know when you see a video on your news feed, and you’re like “should I click that? Is that going to be worth the 30 seconds I’m going to spend before I get bored and move on to the next YouTube video of a cat or fat person falling over?” Well, apparently for me it was worth it. I followed this video into a dark pit of no return. I should have known the second I heard bubble gum pop music being sung by some teenage girl, complete with spoofs by college students. I then proceeded to post all three of the videos on the most appropriate Timelines of my friends, like a shameless little girl with a Backstreet Boys Trapper Keeper. The whole thing’s kinda campy, but that’s not a bad thing in moderation. Here are the videos, in order that I discovered them through the YouTubes. My favorite part is that the actual music video for the song was the last one I watched… Hope you enjoy. Call me, maybe? 😉

Ciao Bella,

Matteo Yazge

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