An LA Weekend: The Hudson, El Bar, and Vampire Diaries

These two are an accurate depiction of my weekend. Though no one was wearing a hat. That’s the only difference.

For those of you who doubt anyone’s ability to keep up with New Years resolutions, let me be evidence that it is possible. One of my resolutions – despite my overwhelming aversion to Southern California – was to take advantage of being in LA by doing fun things you can’t do anywhere else. Here are three things that helped me hate LA a little less than normal this weekend:

  1. Vampire Diaries
    Saturday I became a member of the Paley  Center for Media. I did this as a round about way of cutting the line at a Vampire Diaries panel event at the Saban Theater. We watch a yet-to-be-aired episode of the show, followed by a panel with the cast and executive producer. It was a part of Paleyfest, where they hold panels with around 12-15 different shows. I’ll just say that the cast is just as unrealistically attractive in person as on television. I’ll also say that they were surprisingly impressive in their honesty in connecting to their characters and giving impressive answers to questions from the audience. Ian Somerhalder in particular gave a great answer when a woman in the audience asked about any advice anyone on the panel might have for anyone pursuing a job in television. He said that luck was when opportunity met preparation; it won’t matter how great the opportunity, if you’re not prepared, you won’t be able to take advantage of whatever opportunities are presented to you. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that level of depth from a panel of people that pretty. Why aren’t all ridiculously attractive people that self-aware?
  2. El Bar
    After the Paleyfest panel, we went to El Bar, aka Brooklyn in the middle of Hollywood.  There’s not really a whole lot to say about the bar except that I miss Brooklyn. So, technically I guess this doesn’t count so much as taking advantage of LA as it does longing uncontrollably for New York. Sue me.
  3. The Hudson
    Brunch is one of the most important things a man can do. If you can’t “do brunch” at least once a week, you become less of a human being. It’s the one real thing that separates us from apes: our ability to have ample amounts of breakfast foods combined with bottomless Bloody Mary’s.  The Hudson is the perfect location for this, mainly because it has actual trees growing through the restaurant. Not only does it look super cool (oh, what’s that tree trunk doing next to our table???) but it reminds you to keep drinking Bloody Mary’s in pursuit of your own humanity. Though it does also offer the potential to devolve into a drunken monkey stupor as you attempt to climb the tree and fling bread rolls at the other patrons. Always an adventure. I decided to steer clear of the bottomless Bloody Mary and just have a French toast log instead. Yes. A log. Of French toast. Be jealous.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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