My Love Letter to NBC

I want to go there.

Consider this my open letter of affection to NBC. I don’t have much time to write this morning, but thanks to my friend Elizabeth (not Lemon, but close) I discovered the above promo video for NBC Prime Time shows. It got me wondering why NBC is the lowest rated broadcast network. Thursday nights should be a slam dunk for the network: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Up All Night, even The Office, and Community is supposedly coming back sometime (thanks to a lot of internet lobbying; behold! The power of social media!). And while I’ll be the first to admit that perhaps Wednesday “comedy hour” with Whitney and Chelsea is not exactly top-notch, it sure beats the pants off of that horrible 3-camera crap on CBS at its own game. To be honest, if those shows were on CBS, they’d have triple the ratings. I mean, does the world really need any more episodes of Two and a Half Men? Did we need any episodes to begin with?

Also, need I point out the two huge cultural institutions that are SNL and Law and Order? This is an election year, which means SNL  is about to get all kinds of crazy. It’s a long-standing tradition that four years ago caused a HUGE spike in ratings when Tina Fey returned to play Sarah Palin. Not to mention all the everyday sketches involving Kristin Wiig. Between her and Bill Hader’s Stefon character, do you need any more reason to watch the show? And don’t tell me you don’t sit around at home on weekends Netflixing Law and Order SVU. We’ve all been there, bag of pita chips in hand.

While I’m skeptical of the network’s new shows *cough*SMASH*cough*, their other musical adventures are really impressive (see The Voice, The Sing Off). Better than those hacks over at American Idol and The X Factor can say. At least the contestants on NBC’s shows can actually sing. Also, does FOX have Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, or Adam Levine as judges? I didn’t think so.

My point, and I’m slowly getting to it, is that NBC is potentially the most underrated network on television. Yes, I spend more time watching things on FX, Showtime, and HBO (and the occasional show on ABC – I’m lookin’ at you, Modern Family). But why does everyone hate on NBC so much? Has America really gotten that stupid that it needs laugh tracks embedded to remind them what’s funny? Has CBS really melted the minds of millions of Americans and made them believe that television isn’t supposed to be entertaining anymore? Could I ask any more rhetorical questions?

[End Incoherent Rambling]

Tune into NBC this Thursday.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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