Jon Bon Jovi’s Not Dead. Neither Am I. Robin Thicke… who cares.

He clearly hit that scotch a little too hard before the show.

I was fresh out of creativity/desire to write about anything. So, instead, I give you this awkward video from Chelsea Lately last night. Robin Thicke was crazy drunk and probably high (why else wear those sunglasses?). I love Robin’s music, but I’m even more impressed by his ability to be inebriated on talk shows while making multiple reference to his manhood. He’s like the less attractive, less suave version of Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Maybe if he doesn’t shut the hell up about being “sexy”, we can just use Twitter to off Robin Thicke, a la Bon Jovi.

Oh, yes. You didn’t hear? Jon Bon is dead. Or at least he was for a few hours on Twitter. I find it hilarious that people are trying to start death rumors about celebrities. What a waste of time. At least the Jovi was somewhat humble about his own death (see below). Though I will say, if Heaven really does look like Jersey, I don’t even want to know what Hell looks like.

Bon Jovi’s not dead, and neither am I.

Ciao Bella!
Matteo Yazge


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