Amy Winehouse posthumous CD: Lioness; sad…

Amy, Amy, Amy…

Amy Winehouse’s final CD was released today, full of the tracks that she laid down before she passed. Apparently she had still been in and out of the recording studio while we were too busy watching her spiral out of control. One review that I read online said that a lot of the material was only enough for partial tracks, and the producers really had to scramble to put together full songs for the album. Several of the songs are covers or different versions of her own songs. Luckily one of those songs is “Tears Dry”, which is one of my favorite songs from Back to Black. It’s really unsettling to listen to some of these songs, knowing what eventually happened to her. You get that same feeling as when you watch The Dark Knight and think too much about Heath Ledger. The opening track, “Our Day Will Come”, is extra sad for obvious reasons.

So let this be a lesson to all you young starlettes! (because I’m sure so many of you are reading my blog) STOP DOING COCAINE. It’s not like you don’t know what it does to people. We’ve had Whitney Houston as an example for years. Nobody wants to be married to Bobby Brown that long. No one. Sure, she had a comeback CD, but I dare you to tell me the names of more than two of those songs… Exactly. And do I even have to mention Lindsay Lohan? Mean Girls may be one of the funniest movies of my teen years. Granted, that had almost nothing to do with Lindsay and almost everything to do with Tina Fey writing most of the script. But still! Lindsay’s not even going to be a production assistant on the next American Pie iteration in the current state she’s in. No director would touch her with a 100ft pole. And I’m not talking about the same poles that she’s stripping on. I don’t know if she’s actually stripping, but I thought it’d be nice for dramatic effect.

My point is, don’t ruin your life, guuurrrrrrrl. Stay off the smack, stay off the pole, and work hard. Posthumous work is interesting, but wouldn’t you rather get invited to your own album release party? It’s a lot more fun that way.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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