Kourtney Kardashian Keeps Kreating Kids: Preggerz again

Get ready to start seeing this pose a LOT more often.

Granted Kourtney is not 8 months pregnant right now, but at some point she will be. And when she is, you’ll have to deal with seeing her huge baby bump every time you go through the check out at the grocery store. Also, every time you turn on the E! Network. The oldest Kardashian just announced that she will be having her second child with her slime-bag of a boyfriend, Scott Disick. But here’s what I don’t get: why does the world need another Kardashian? Aren’t there like, a thousand of them already? In addition, there are a billion faux-dashians here in Glendale that I’m sure could satisfy your fix for Armenian women dressed in overly tight clothing and too much makeup. I guess if one of those girls had to have another baby, I’m glad it’s Kourtney. At least this child will have half a chance at not being brain dead, and unlike any of Chloe and Lamar’s kids, it won’t look like an ogre. Those kids are going to be damned tall. And hairy. Did I mention hairy?

I was reading an article about the pregnancy that pointed out how opportune this little fetus is for the Kardashian empire, especially with it’s timing. It takes some of the heat off the whole wedding fiasco, and apparently Kourtney just started a mommy blog? I mean, when the people at E! told her to do research, I don’t think this is what they meant. It’s just like if I wanted to do some research on illegal immigration, I wouldn’t go get knocked up by an illegal immigrant, you know? Or if I was doing a story on hookers in Vegas, I wouldn’t go knock up a hooker from Vegas, right? Or if I had to research puppies at the humane shelter, I wouldn’t…. you get the point. But it’s just like the Kardashians to make huge life choices like who to get married to, or when to have a baby, purely for PR or reality TV plot points. Some of us just try to have interesting lives without contriving false marriages or premature pregnancies. Call me old fashioned.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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