Pentatonix win The Sing-Off! (Nick Lachey still super short)

Oh dang, I guess those dog days are most definitely over.

The Sing-Off had it’s big finale last night, and for once in a televised singing competition, the right contestant won! Pentatonix, cleverly named because they have five singers in the group, ran away with the $200k and the Sony recording contract. I decided to post their performance from the previous episode though, because it may have been one of their coolest arrangements the whole season. It’s insane that they can get that big of a sound out of only five singers, while some of the larger groups with twenty or more people still sounded like utter crap. Also, Pentatonix volunteered at The Trevor Project for their little “we help the community” montage on the final episode. It’s too bad that NBC is too homophobic to mention anything about how The Trevor Project was originally founded to help LGBT teens/kids deal with bullying/thoughts of suicide. The show refused to touch anything LGBT with a ten foot pole, which I find offensive, considering that it’s an a capella show, and probably more than the traditional 10% are closer to a 6 than a 1 on the Kinsey scale. Has NBC forgotten that they’re the network that brought us Will & Grace? I’m not saying they had to go full-on L-Word on us, but it was uncomfortable how clearly they tried to be the “straight” singing competition.

The real news from the finale though, is that we finally remembered how insanely short Nick Lachey is (see photo to the right). He performed Give Me Just One Night with the Pentatonix, and the little pint-sized girl is as tall as he is. Granted she was wearing heels, but even so. This could also be why Nick looked like he was going to rip the leather jacket he was wearing at the seams. He reminds me of a less orange Jersey Shore cast member, only more literate. Except when it came to the dance moves. He looked like Ronnie if you asked him to do simple math problems and try to walk around at the same time. Poor little nugget-of-a-man, Nick Lachey. He should have taken some lessons from Sara Bareilles, who totally killed it with her performance of the evening. She even looked all adorable girl next door with her dress, ponytail, and gold Chuck Taylors.

I want to leave you with my other favorite performance from the Pentatonix. They’re all good, so check them out on YouTube or something, but this one definitely needed to be shared:

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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