Hunger Games trailer excites me, 14-year-old girls

Holy. Toledo. Batman. I think I just peed a little bit…

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past five years (or if you don’t read young adult fiction with a female-skewing audience), let me introduce you to a little series called The Hunger Games. It’s a quaint little story about a post-apocalyptic dystopia where poor people’s children are forced to fight to the death on national television so that rich people have something to record on their DVRs. It’s kind of like a real-life version of Survivor, only instead of being “voted off the island” someone disembowels you or stabs you in the face. So really, it’s very topical, what with all the Occupy Wall Street violence, and the 1%ers ruining life for the rest of us. But since this is a movie, all the poor people are really attractive. Also, Woody Harrelson has crazy long blonde hair. So that’s something.

As excited as I am for this movie to come out, I can’t help but feel a little uneasy about having an actual image of children killing each other. It was tough enough reading the books; I still can’t watch any reality shows without thinking that when you get voted off you die. Those poor, poor So You Think You Can Dance contestants. All they wanted was to dance, and instead they ended up decapitated. So poetic. But seriously, there’s no escaping how gruesome this movie is going to be. And the worst part is that there are real-world parallels that the story won’t let you escape. At least I can look forward to going to opening night with my friend Jiyuh. Since the first book’s arena is set in a forest, we’re both going as trees. I feel it both supports our true love of the books and our undying commitment to pacifism. Cheers.

Ciao Bella,

Matteo Yazge

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