Tomorrow is Spirit Day

Even the cows are showing their support!

Tomorrow is national Spirit Day, a day to bring awareness to the outbreak of bullying. To show your support for the victims and show your support for bringing an end to bullying, all you have to do is wear something purple! You don’t have to dye yourself purple, like the cow in the picture above, though that would make a dramatic statement (that you’re a little mentally unbalanced). But I would seriously encourage everyone to don some purple, or lavender, or maybe even a nice mauve, because who of us hasn’t been teased or bullied before? We were all either too fat, too thin, too short, too glasses-wearing, too red-headed, too anything that wasn’t the “norm.” A lot of us were lucky to get out of middle school and high school only needed a few years of therapy, but some kids aren’t so lucky. So please please please, wear your purple tomorrow and show you stand against bullying. If you’re on Twitter, tweet pictures of yourself wearing purple and use the hashtag #SpiritDay. You can also look online at the HRC for ways to get involved asking your congressmen and women to support anti-bullying legislation. And if you’re still at loss for what to wear, here are some additional wardrobe options:

  • Willy Wonka – this choice says “I hate bullying, but I love candy.” That purple suit is way dapper, and plus you can keep it an extra week and use it for Halloween too. If you really want to out-do yourself, you could hand out purple candy while you’re at it!
  • Purple Parrots t-shirt from Legends of the Hidden Temple – this one appeals to the inner hipster in all of us. Who doesn’t love an ironic t-shirt from one of our favorite childhood television shows? It is also the more casual option vs. the whole Willy Wonka thing. What’s most exciting about wearing this shirt is that you can find a partner to wear the shirt too, and then you can put on helmets and knee pads so you can then go compete in various obstacles in search of the Lost Belt of Orion.
  • Barney the Dinosaur Costume – while strong discouraged, this would definitely take the negative attention away from the bullied children… and place it firmly on you. I would only recommend putting on the Barney suit if you see someone actively being bullied, and then run in and be like “AHHHH!!! It’s the Barney monster!!! Stop bullying!!!” It’ll be so confusing and horrifying, that you’ll be able to mace the bullies and turn them over to the authorities. Nothing like a citizens arrest while in a dinosaur suit.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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