Finally, a show about a mentally deranged woman that’s not Oprah.


Enlightened is the new Laura Dern (see hot mess above) show on HBO. As far as opening scenes go, this one was a dooozey. The first shot is of Amy (Laura Dern) bawling in a bathroom stall, where she overhears two women talking about how she’s a slut and is going to be fired. Cue psychotic break and subsequent rampage through the office. There was a lot of smeared mascara, screaming, and flailing of arms, even an admission of an affair in an elevator bank. Well, the admission was in the elevator bank, not the affair. Though that would have been interesting too. So after Amy’s done being a hot damned mess, we see this whole montage of “I’m getting better through anger management in Hawaii” shots, lots of sea turtles (none of which are having affairs in elevators), palm trees, hippies with beaded necklaces… you know, everything you need in rehab.

The scene after rehab shows her driving on the 101. I don’t know about you, but that is the last place you should put someone if you’d like them to remain in a peaceful, enlightened place. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only time I ever really need anger management is when I’m driving on that God-forsaken stretch of automotive insanity. From time to time, I may have been known to shake my fist and threaten to “punch people in the knee-caps” if they don’t get out of my way. Not the most effective way of getting people to move, but it helps me cope. Maybe I should just put a sea turtle or something in my car to calm me down.

Oh, and did I mention that Luke Wilson plays Amy’s husband? His character is a real schmuck. Apparently he was addicted to mescalin(?) which is one of the most obscure things to be addicted to. It’s like, get a real addiction, man. Amy visits him after getting home from rehab and he compares her place of enlightenment to one of his drug induced hazes. Oh yeah, and he does a line of blow right in front of her. Obviously this whole interaction started the gradually unhinging we’re going to see throughout the rest of this season. There’s a little bit of stalking, swearing, crashing into cars; this show has everything. Just keep applying stress, and the fun will follow; she make look better, but we all know the crazy is just simmering below the surface.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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