High School High

We won the Battle of the Bear! (Full disclosure: I have no idea what that is)

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he has to return to his first, post-high-school football game. For this young man, that time was this weekend. Granted the game wasn’t at my own high school, but who’s keeping track? Odds are if I went to my own high school home coming football game, I’d leave after the first quarter when we were already down 35-0 and go drown myself in Mint Oreo Blizzards at the Dairy Queen across the street. Ice cream, mint syrup, and Oreo bits have always filled a void that football never could. But I digress…

Becca, one of my besties from NYU, was back in town for the long weekend and it just happened to be home coming weekend. Ironically, I never knew until Friday that home coming was actually supposed to be for alumni to have a literal “home coming.” But after driving 4 hours through hellacious traffic on the 5 to get to Escondido, Becca and I went to her high school’s home coming game, and the nostalgia was in full force. First of all, it was freakishly cold for Southern California (55-60 degrees, which yes I realize is not actually cold). The point is that it felt like fall, and I got to eat a hot bowl of homemade bean chili while rooting on the Eagles. The show choir sang, there was a raffle drawing, and the marching band was playing right in front of us. I didn’t know the fight song, but it was the same tune as the UMich fight song, so I just sang that instead. The thing that really stood out to me was the developments in cheerleader technology. Did you know they can spell now?! They used their pom-poms to form letters, that then were coherently put together to form words. And these just weren’t ordinary pom-poms; they were glittery pom-poms. I could have sat there and watched them correctly spell things in glitter-writing all night, that’s how impressed I was. It’s nice to know they’ve finally let cheerleaders into English classes. To top it off, during the halftime show, they did the dance to Party Rockin’ by LMFAO. I wish that everyday I were shufflin’. What are these crazy kids going to think of next?

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

2 responses to “High School High

  1. I want you to know that the part where the cheerleaders spell words is my favorite cheer of ALL time. The semi-cold CA weather, the food, singing the fight song, waiting with baited breath to see if the cheerleaders will get hit by the ball this time!…I couldn’t be more homesick if I tried.

  2. I am highly disappointed that this post did not include photos of the correctly spelled glitter words. Why do you have a fancy cell phone, if not for that?

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