The Family Business

Wouldn’t you trust us with your marketing campaigns?

During a rather long and arduous Skype conversation with my family last night, I found out that my sister Alexis is now looking into business schools for undergrad. Obviously I am extremely excited, because now my dreams of opening up a brother-sister marketing agency are closer to being realized. Can’t you just see the daytime talk show interviews now? It’s quite the compelling story, especially when we manage to sign huge clients like J. Crew, UNICEF, and HBO. I’m pretty sure that’s what our company would stand for: being well-dressed while helping children, and then making a made-for-TV movie about it. You could also work in the angle about how our parents (and both my mom’s siblings) are in the “religious industry” so to speak… and now our generation has it’s own little theme. I think things like career trends skip a generation, kind of like attractiveness or the genetic predisposition to enjoy trashy reality TV. I think we could get Oprah to come back and host one more episode for this one.

My sister’s relatively new-found career goals are now demanding that she sort through business schools, and finally I feel like I can be a helpful older brother again. Personally, I’m pulling for either UCLA or IU. The first because it’s close, the second because I can make my friends in Indy watch over her. It would also give me another excuse to go back and visit. Mostly I just want to go to more college parties, and IU is consistently ranked one of the top party schools. No one should be surprised about that, what with Little 500 every year which is essentially a big excuse for everyone to get drunk for an entire long weekend and ride bikes all over campus. But I’m not telling Alexis where she should go. She has to make that decision on her own. But if she wanted to pick a school where I can come visit and have adolescent lapses, so be it! Regardless, send her positive energy for the next few weeks as she fills out applications. Baby girl is going to take the collegiate world by force!

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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