Hump Day + Wino Wednesday

Just what we all need to get through another hump day…?

I’ll admit, I had absolutely nothing to talk about for today. Sure, Glee and The New Girl were funny last night, but I’m pretty sure the last thing you wanted to read on hump day was another TV recap. So instead, I decided to search YouTube for a funny hump day video. I’m not sure if the above video qualifies, but it’s the best I could do. It was that or a creepy video of a unicorn puppet singing happy hump day. Unless you’re staying home all day smoking weed, you probably wouldn’t find that entertaining. If you’re smoking, you’d also probably be paranoid that the unicorn would steal the rest of your stash. So instead of freaking out stoners and non-stoners alike, I thought I’d just emotionally scar you with a video of a large man cross-dressed in a muumuu, dry-humping a variety of outdoor appliances. If this doesn’t make giggle at least a little bit, then I don’t know if I can help with your hump day blues. Just be glad that Hump Day is also Wino Wednesday, and have a glass of vino for me when you get home from work tonight. I’m busting open a bottle of Cocobon when I get home (thanks Trader Joe’s for having it on sale for $6/bottle). You should grab a bottle if you can, because it tastes kind of like chocolate/coffee/coconut in the way that red wine tastes like anything but fermented grapes. It has “notes” of those things, if you want to put on your dress muumuu and get all fancy before you dry-hump your outdoor grill. If your lucky, I’ll drink enough Cocobon that I’ll attempt to recreate the video from above, tasteful onesie and all.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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