LOST 2: Terra Nova

They’re baaaaack!!! (kind of…)


There used to be this lovely little show on ABC about an island, a plane full of people abandoned on said island, and a whole slew of really unbelievable/supernatural occurrences. It was called Lost, and though it confused the hell out of everyone that watched it, we loved it unconditionally (especially whenever Hurley was given a chance to overcome his crippling BMI fear of the island). Fortunately, the television gods have decided to bless us by giving Lost another run, only this time it’s on FOX, and this time it’s called Terra Nova.

I was a little confused myself upon watching the ungodly long two hour long premiere, but I was able to piece together the reincarnations of the various elements of Lost on the new show. I’ve developed a guideline to help you:

  • The Island is now just big ol’ planet earth. Though, to be fair, at that point in the earth’s tectonic development, there only was one landmass, which technically qualifies as an island (if you want to get picky). You can call her Pangaea for short. But just like on Lost, this place is full of crazy shit just waiting to kill you, make you question the meaning of life, and will probably still be able to squeeze a few love-making-in-the-jungle scenes to boot.
  • The Others are still “others”, but in that much bigger philosophical sense. You know, like when you were in that sociology class and they kept discussing the relationship to “the other”. The characters on the show like to call them “Sixers”, not because they are from Philly, but because they were a part of the sixth group to travel back in time to Terra Nova. They steal guns and things, and might want to also steal all your pregnant women to do crazy experiments on their submarine, but that’s more of a guess on my part and less of a confirmed similarity to Lost.
  • Time Traveling and Other Weird SciFi Shit is stillĀ  time traveling and other weird SciFi shit. Somethings just never change. Don’t worry Daniel Farraday; you’ll always be my constant.
  • The Smoke Monster has been recast as a bunch of actual monsters, specifically of the dinosaur variety. While it’s a little less exciting knowing that the dinosaurs aren’t going to turn into a dude in a black t-shirt that inhabits John Locke’s body for the better part of the last season, I guess it’s still kind of terrifying in that “I don’t want to be eaten alive” kind of way.
  • Daddy Issues are still a very central theme, even though Matthew Fox isn’t on the show anymore. The lead daddy was in prison for a few years, so all the kids in Terra Nova mainly just the son is really pissed at him for not being around. Cue angsty music and bad decisions that put everyone in danger, ending in a cute “we’re so glad you didn’t get eaten” montage.
  • Benjamin Linus is actually that dude from Avatar who burnt down the heart tree or whatever. He’s old, he’s creepy, and just like the real Benjamin Linus, he has a child who has daddy issues (see, I told you!) and has been M.I.A. for several years. We’re not supposed to entirely trust this “Commander Taylor,” but for the time being his side of the story is the only one we have. Sound familiar??? Somebody call Sayid to come in here and pull his finger nails out until we get the truth….
  • It’s yet to be seen if we’ll have any appearances from a hatch, an insane Frenchwoman, or ancient pyramids and their corresponding brother-gods destined to be at war for all eternity, but that’s why last night was only the premiere. We’ve got plenty of time before we have to worry about finding Jacob, trust me.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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