Emmy Ladies of Comedy

Note: the above women are my favorite actresses on television. Not a single one of them are from Modern Family. There is no coincidence about any of this.

This was the most heart warming, hilarious Emmy moment I’ve ever seen. When Amy Poehler first jumped up on stage when they announced her name in the nomination list, I thought she was just being funny on her own. Then Melissa McCarthy jumped up on stage with her, followed by Edie Falco, Martha Plimpton, Tina Fey, and Laura Linney. That is the most impressive, powerful list of women to have standing up on stage together. I wanted to cry. My overwhelming love for Parks and Recreation made me very depressed when Amy didn’t win. Also, I could watch a show where Edie Falco and Laura Linney watch paint dry. Those two women have me in constant awe, and their roles probably could have been nominated in the drama category and still have been warranted. But alas, Melissa McCarthy won, and looked like the most adorable prom queen nugget up on stage with her tiara and bouquet. (As a reminder, Bridesmaids comes out on DVD Tuesday. Buy yourself a copy, but get me one too!)

My overall stance on the evening is that we should steal all those stupid awards that went to Modern Family, the most overrated show on television, and give them all to the Best Actress in a Comedy Series nominees that didn’t win. I realize this is not a popular view that I have, my strong distaste for MF, but what are you going to do? I’m just not a fan. Anyway, the lovely ladies that were nominated for Best Actress can take their awards and go party with Peter Dinklage, Kate Winslet, and Maggie Smith, the only other winners I was excited for the entire evening. I’m totally free to host them all at my glamorous one-bedroom in Glendale, and maybe we can get Maggie Smith to entertaining us with alternating lines from Sister Act and Harry Potter. I’m sure after a few gin+tonics she gets absolutely bonkers. But with all these talented women, I just can’t imagine how crowded that stage (and my DVR) are going to be next year when Zoey Deschanel, Whitney Cummings, and Christina Applegate are eligible for Best Actress nominations.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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