Wednesday Night Premieres: Little is Big

“I’m fine. Just sometimes when I walk, talk, or breathe, I pee.”


At first I thought this was going to be yet another half-hearted attempt to get Christina Applegate and Will Arnett on television. One that would end before a full season, or after not getting renewed for a second if they were lucky. I think this show is going to be different, though. This one has a baby. And also Maya Rudolph playing a Oprah-type character with a penchant for drinking. At one point all three of them end up on stage singing kareoke to “Raining Men”. Plus Maya Rudolph sings snippets of random songs throughout the show, giving me flashbacks of when she used to play Whitney Houston on SNL. While I tuned in to watch Will and Christina, I have a feeling I’ll keep coming back for Maya. Periodically she just starts yelling out things she’s thinking in full-on Oprah tone “I get iiiiiit!!!” She also wears really great outfits and makes crazy faces. You know I love a good crazy face. It’s like Will & Grace; we all loved the title characters, but if they had made a show called Jack & Karen, we’d be watching that instead.

Last night on a slightly different network, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Champion Wrestling premiered. I tried watching, but after about 2 minutes my brain melted into a pool of stupid and I lost consciousness. The concept for this show is that little people are entertaining, wrestling is “entertaining”(I guess), so why don’t we get a bunch of little people to wrestle each other in a tournament or something. Add a fair amount of white trash fans, improper English, and Hulk Hogan’s mustache and you’ve got a show. It’s set up kind of like a reality show. One that’s highly scripted. The actually wrestling part is stupid, but I will admit that during the “reality” portion I saw, it was really fun to watch the little guys beat the crap out of each other. It was like a Jersey Housewives fight, minus the weaves and press-on nails, and minus about 3 feet/person. But then I felt like I was watching children fighting or something, and had to go have some serious soul-searching time. Not before I saw one of the little wrestlers emphatically yell “I’M A MIDGET, NOT A LITTLE PERSON!” Great Hulk, now you’ve got them reversing all those P.C. names they fought so long to get me to use. I’m going to blame you the next time I call someone a midget and get kicked in the very-lower shin.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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