OK GO + Muppets = Hooray!

My inner child is so ridiculously happy… cue Muppet arms flailing insanely.

The Muppets may be the best thing to happen to my childhood. And with the exception of a few YouTube videos, Disney has been happy to just sit on them for roughly the past ten years instead of doing anything with them. Well, Jason Siegel is finally coming out with a new Muppet movie in November, and it appears they’ve been doing some things to build hype for the release later this fall. OK GO, of treadmill and dog-show music video fame made a music video of the Muppet Show theme song (as you can see above).

If you’re still not as convinced of your love for the Muppets as I am, let me just ask you this: on what other show are you going to find not just interracial marriage, but interspecies marriage? Yes, long before it was popular, Jim Henson was wedding pig to frog. Let’s just thank the big Muppet in the sky that Jim never felt the need to have them procreate and make little froglets. The Muppets also have their own rock band whose leader is named “Teeth.” Why Teeth, you ask? Oh, no biggie. He’s just the only puppet I know that has a grill. If you’re more into cooking than rocking, there’s always the Swedish Chef (ooopsie dooopsie poppin cornie), and then after dinner you can always entertain yourself with that Mahna Mahna song (do doooo do do do!). If none of that does it for you, you’ll definitely love The Muppets if you have a soft spot for short blue weirdos with an oblong nose and a chicken fetish. Well, odds are you probably don’t, but the Muppets have one of those too…

In the event you are a huge Muppet fan, check out their “Green Album.” It has the OK GO version of the theme song, and a bunch of other Muppetly music with The Fray, Weezer, Hayley Williams, and Matt Nathanson. I know what I’ll be listening to at work this morning!

Ciao Bella!

Matteo “The Animal” Yazge


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