Pie in the Sky

Why don’t I have a pie iron???

Nothing does the soul good like a nice personal-sized pie after a hurricane. I am still a little bitter that I can no longer drink hurricanes all day, considering Irene decided to reinvent herself this morning into a “tropical storm”, whatever that means. I always thought that was an innuendo about some type of group activity involving a lot a spicy Dominicans. So in lieu of my original galoshes-wearing, rain-sounds-listening plan, I’ve decided to drink gin an tonics all day and make small apple pies. While I don’t have a pie iron, I do have cupcake tins and ramekins. (Side-note: if anyone has made pies like this before, some guidance would be much appreciated!) I will then proceed to eat all the pies in honor of all the hurricane/tropical storm survivors. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. My word is my word, and pie is the only way to remedy this situation. What exactly that situation is, that’s up for debate.

If you know someone who has been affected by the hurricane, or are in the LA area, please contact the Yazge Pie Hotline and let us know how many pies you think you can eat. Remember, it may be one small pie for you, but when we all pitch in, there’s no telling how much pie can be consumed to help heal a coast that is mostly just a little wetter than it was 24 hours ago. Don’t wait, call now.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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