Reading is Fun, Kids!


Best way to read magazines. Ever.

If you’ve ever been in any of my apartments, you’ll know that I’m a magazine junky. I have more subscriptions that I could possibly hope to read in one month. However, while I was back and forth to Chicago for work, I downloaded the iPad apps for several of the magazines I read, and then some. I managed to find Vanity Fair, GQ, Variety, and this Italian magazine called Velvet (which is somehow affiliated with La Repubblica). It changed my life.

I spent a good two hours of my flight home reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair, which is a lot for me. Normally I read the little articles, look at the pictures, and maybe skim through half of a feature article. Not this time. Everything is so much shinier and fun to play with on the iPad. They had a whole video of the photo shoot with Emma Stone, who I LOVE. They story they did on her cemented my feelings that she might be my favorite person in Hollywood. It could be because she doesn’t live here anymore. She only comes out here to film, and the rest of the time lives in Manhattan eating oysters and watching movies on Houston. But the coolest mag-app I’ve found is Velvet. Not only do I get to practice my Italian, but it’s WAY interactive. There are recipes to scroll through, hidden text and picture boxes, and the cover of this month is a video. Who doesn’t want all those things? When they have pictures of models, you can poke them to make them turn around to get the full 360 of the look they’re sporting. It feels like a Harry Potter picture or something.

There are so many more things I could say, but unfortunately I have to get to work… so I can continue to make money and pay for this amazing little piece of electronic heaven. But let’s have a date sometime. I’ll bring the iPad, you bring the wine, and we can sit and drool over all the pretty pictures. Plan?

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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