Nic’s Martini Lounge, aka “Vodka Heaven”


A vodka-themed restaurant! Why didn’t I think of it first?!

When God made vodka, it was originally for all the half-frozen people of Eastern Europe to use as a means to keep warm and entertain themselves in a barren arctic wasteland. They didn’t have (and still don’t) DVR, and so God pitied them and gave them Vodka. We’ve come a long way since then, and many magical things have changed about our use of vodka. Mainly, we now add mixers to it. But I discovered the most amazing development in the history of vodka: Nic’s Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills. The head chef there is my godmother’s brother, and last night I met their nieces for dinner at Nic’s. My life has forever changed. Let’s discuss what I ate and imbibed:

    It’s a martini with the following ingredients: Veev “acai spirit” + muddled cucumber + sage + S&S. Now, I’m not entirely sure what S&S is, but that martini was so damned good that I could have taken a third “S” in it too. It was the perfect summer martini: light, crisp, a touch of sweet, and had this amazing cucumber melon taste to it. Had I not had to drive home after dinner, I would have definitely ordered a second one. And not that it came to this, but had I spilled mine, I would have without question started liking it off the floor.
  2. Vodkamentary
    This is what they call their food menu. GENIUS! Some notable options: Nic’s Oysters, which are sauteed in garlic creme sauce with spinach and walnuts. Another instance where my entire body melted after one taste. I had a moment with that oyster like I have only shared with a handful of people. That oyster peered into my soul and helped me see Jesus. If I had to pick one other amazing stand-out dish, it’d be the baby potatoes. These little nuggets were served cold, with a dollop of creme fresh, scallions, and vodka-cured salmon. You then get a small half-shot of really nice potato vodka to sip with them. Who knew that vodka could bring out spices and notes of flavor in food? I may start eating this way all the time.
  3. Dessert
    There was a long list of amazing dessert martinis. One of the girls got one and I tried a sip. I’m pretty sure that that’s why we Eastern Europeans call Vodka, “Mother’s Milk.” Between the three of us we split an ice cream sundae (I never say no to ice cream). They have HOME MADE MARSHMALLOW. I literally thought someone was going to have to sweep me off the floor I had such an amazing end to that meal. It was like I was catching the vapors or something.


So, if you are ever in LA and need someplace to go eat (or drink… or both!) please call me and we can go to Nic’s. Oh, and I forgot to tell you: there’s a “Vod Box,” a walk-in freezer room where you wear parkas and sip flights of vodka. So what are you waiting for? When can I put in our reservation???


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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