Ferris Bueller, You’re My Hero


This is a dramatic representation of my morning.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night. When I woke up, I immediately started blaming it on my rather noticeable lack of air conditioning. Then I just started blaming all kinds of things for ruining my life, as I’m wont to do when I’ve had little sleep and no caffeine (not unlike Cameron in the movie). But somewhere deep inside me kept trying to shout out “Matt! Get your head out of your ass and start your day off right!” And that’s when I remembered my good friend Ferris Bueller. Would Ferris stand for that kind of crankiness? No. Would Ferris stand for that kind of ingratitude for another day to live? No. Would Ferris want me to twist and shout until I felt less like an idiot? OBVIOUSLY.

So if you know anyone who could orchestrate a parade in downtown Glendale during my lunch break, I promise you I’ll give a rather rousing rendition of crowd-pleasing Beatles songs. I’ll even bring the leiderhosen. I hope Ferris has brought as much kick to the beginning of your day as he has mine.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo “Bueller” Yazge


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