Britney wants to go? Let her.


This is the most randomly hilarious thing I’ve seen all week.

I think Britney has finally tethered whatever remaining cords had her tied to reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song. It’s one of my favorites from her new CD and it’s already been used in the Bravo summer ad campaign. But this video is insane. You have to give her credit though, at least she finally just took the deep dive. We’re not trying to pretend anymore that she’s not a little bit mentally unstable (cue the terminator-robot-paparazzi being beat in the face with a microphone). Kudos to you Brtiney, way to take your mashugana back from the media and own it for once.

However, the dude that plays Guillermo stole the music video. So you’ve still got some work to do Britney. When a middle-aged latino pouring a carton of milk on his face in a convertible can out-do you in your own music video, you need start reconsidering some of your life decisions. I will note that this is the same guy who played Guillermo on Showtime’s Weeds. (What’s with this dude? Is that his real name?). Also, he loves dreams and seashells. You can’t top that Britney. Not even with your weird pink hair extensions. Besides, when it comes to the crazy music video party, you’ve got too little too late. Please watch “Blow” by Ke$ha or anything by Lady Gaga and get back to me.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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