Wino Wednesday: Paso Robles


Luckily, someone snagged a picture of the endcap and put it online! Wine that’s both delicious and Google-able. Win.

When I look at this bottle, all I can think of is the term “pasodoble”, which is some variety of ballroom dance. Do you think I’ve been watching too much So You Think You Can Dance?? But like the Spanish two-step, this wine has a little kick to it. When I first opened the bottle, I didn’t give it much time to breath. BIG mistake. It came out tasting all kinds of strong, and not in a good way. It was heavy on the actual alcohol notes, which is fine if you’re a frat boy who finds himself at a party where all the beer’s gone. But for me, not so much. After breathing for a while it got better, but it’s still nothing like a crisp Malbec. The few days after opening the bottle have made it more palatable though, and was a great pairing for the bean chili I made last night.

All-in-all, for $7/bottle it’s a reasonable wine. I was initially drawn to it by the branding (yes, even marketers can be suckers for all the cheap marketing gimmicks). It has that old-timey look with black labels and gold lettering that looks like something from the wild wild west. The catch-line on the bottle is even “The Spirit of the Pioneer.” Figuring I just made my great trek westward, it was a good first bottle to open here in the new apartment. I’m not going to get all manifest destiny on this coast, but it’s nice to know there’s a vineyard that supports the inner trail blazer in me. There is also a nice guy who runs the wine section at Whole Foods that helped me pick out half a case of really good wine, and then had a great 15-minute conversation with me all about the different varieties that we both liked and things he might bring back in stock. Also, Ralph’s has really cheap wine AND hard alcohol. And it’s top shelf, not just Franzia. Who else is going to let me buy the large bottle of Tanqueray for $23? Plus, with that big a bottle I won’t need to buy any more gin for a year. So I really saved money. This coast is really looking out for me and my liver.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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