Google Chrome: Best. Dad. Ever.


Google did it again. I’d really like to meet whoever their creative team is that keeps designing the most heart-warming, mind-bogglingly amazing commercials. I’m especially touched by this one, because I aspire to one day be the father to an Asian baby, hopefully as adorable as this little girl Sophie. I started tearing up around 15 seconds in. Does the internet have a direct connection to my tear ducts? I mean, seriously!

It is a really cool idea though, to create what is essentially the digital equivalent of those baby books that parents always buy but never follow through with. At least my parents never did. They chose to video tape everything instead, which was far more embarrassing for the Yazge children. We were not small or delicate children for the majority of our childhood, and that stupid video recorder managed to get our rotund bodies in cinemascope. Our living room looked more like a video of the planets orbiting around the Super Nintendo than anything else. A baby book with notes and photos could have saved us from years of therapy, AND our parents from developing back problems. Cameras back then were not the cute little palm-sized things they are now. Our video camera was the size of a small suitcase, took a standard VHS, and probably weighed a decent 400 pounds. Aside from saving us from the VHS, I just thank Google for hopefully starting a trend that will allow future generations to go back and edit their childhood through the magic of digital effects. My little baby Juan will definitely be riding a mastodon on his 1st birthday, with a flame thrower in his hand, fighting off the zombie rebellion. Oh Juan, we were so proud of you, even at a young age.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

Baby Juan and his mastodon buddy


One response to “Google Chrome: Best. Dad. Ever.

  1. I am confident that in time you will be a great father to Juan and all of the other little Yazges that God may bless you with.

    Your Dad (and a very proud one at that!)

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