Das Gypsy

As someone who comes from a line of family that more likely than not has seen its fair share of Gypsy DNA, I have a certain fascination with vagrants and travelers. I could spend all day chatting up a migrant worker, a fire eater, or even an entire desert caravan. What I was not aware of is that, apart from us Eastern European Gypsies, there are IRISH Gypsies. All this time, I thought us Transylvanians had to rep it for all of Europe. What’s even more impressive is that these Irish Gypsies and Roamers managed to get a TV deal. There is clearly something to be learned from our Gaelic brethren.

TLC has this show called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. In an attempt to figure out how to sell my own project, America’s Next Top Goat Herder, I decided I should follow MBFGW like a hawk and broaden my cultural horizons. Initially I wanted to laugh out loud at the insanely huge and dramatic dresses. But then I realized that people the world over have been doing the same thing to the babushka for centuries. No sense in propagating another vicious cycle of hate. What I’m more concerned with is that after these 18 year old girls get married in their ginormous dresses, they go right back in the RV and spend all day cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. What if one of those little ladies wanted to start her own dairy farm? What if she had dreams of opening up her own stereotypically ethnic dry cleaners or nail salon? What if she dreamed of walking down the aisle with someone who was also wearing a huge gaudy dress? So many questions the people need answered.

So far what I’ve gleaned from this show is that the Gypsies in the UK are one of the most interesting ethnic groups, at least in all of Europe. The jury is still considering other groups before we can create a world-wide ranking (I’m looking at you Appalachian Blue People). For the time being, we’ll just have to agree upon the fact that William and Kate have nothing on these happy little nomads.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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