Vlog Veintisiete: Buffaloafs

Baby buffalo = buffaloaf.

Day two of the Yazge Sibling Road Trip 2011 is done. We’re currently hunkered down in a hotel somewhere west of Oklahoma City. I’ve decided that Oklahoma is a magical place. There are cows EVERYWHERE. And not just cows, but buffalo too! Is the plural of buffalo the same as the singular? I’m going to say yes. But the plural of buffaloaf is definitely buffaloafs, and there were a ton of them at the gas station we stopped at off the turnpike. Who knew you could just keep buffloafs right next to your gas station? I may move here if I’m allowed to adopt  a few.

Right now I need to get to bed though, because we have another 12 hours of driving ahead of us tomorrow. Most of the drive is through the desert, so there will be a marked lack of furry creatures. I have to brace myself for buffaloaf withdrawal. I foresee a lot of Gaga in my immediate future, the only real substitute for baby buffaloafs.


Mateo Suave

One response to “Vlog Veintisiete: Buffaloafs

  1. Erm, wouldn’t that be loaves? Or is it truly the verb form, buffaloafs? If the latter, please use it in a sentence. If the former, please make it a verb and use it in a sentence.

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