Gaga strikes again… and again and again.

Dear Gaga, I love you. Never change.

Here is the list of things that Gaga has done right in the past week:

  1. Google Chrome Commercial
    It goes without saying that I love Google and their advertising, but this video continues the amazing Google Chrome campaign. I posted last week about the It Gets Better version of this commercial, and this one definitely hits the same target demo. It’s also awesomely Gaga. Smart to have this released right around the time her new album drops. Brava, Gaga, Brava.
  2. SNL Appearance
    Not only did she perform, but she acted in several of the skits. Granted she had to share time with Justin Timberlake, but at that point it was like an explosion of my favorite celebrities on one screen. Again, great timing with the release of her new album. AND she was actually funny, hilarious even. There was one sketch in particular that wasn’t on Hulu. It’s a riff on the series of sketches Justin Timberlake does with the “bring it on down to (insert variation on the theme)”. This one was for a liquor store, and Gaga was dressed up like a human cork with wine glass hands. So essentially it just looked like another one of her outfits.
  3. New CD
    We listened to it in the car today while we were driving around Louisville, and it was AMAZING. I have yet to sit down and give it the thorough listen it deserves, but I’ll have roughly 8 hours in the car tomorrow. I’ll give you my more complete thoughts after my trek back home. I’m hoping that the clips from the Google commercial are a preview of the music video we can expect for Edge of Glory.
Ciao Bella!
Matteo Yazge

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