New York, I love you!

You don’t get a video of me, due to risk of being waterlogged. You’ll have to deal with one from two of my good friends: Jay and Alicia.

My last 24 hours in New York City have been absolutely fan-flipping-tastic. We had a mini poncho party, thanks to the fact that my mother felt it necessary to swipe a bunch of unattended ponchos at commencement yesterday. Really, mom? Do we honestly need like 12 crappy trash-bag-style ponchos just because no one is supervising them? We stayed out at the club until around 4:30, then got artichoke pizza, and watched the sun rise from the 17th floor windows of my building. Granted, it was foggy and you couldn’t actually see the sun, but we figured it was light enough that the sun was probably out.

I want to thank everyone for making the past four years of my NYU/NYC experience one of the best times of my life! Never in a million years did I think I would ever leave this city, and it’s really only just now sinking in that it might be a while before I make it back! Hence why I’m typing and not recording a video… because it’s just not tasteful to post a video of yourself crying on the internet. Not even if you’re that dude that wants everyone to “leave Britney alone”. Still not OK. But seriously, know that you all have made my heart so happy, and I’m really, really, really going to miss every single one of you. And since I have a crippling case of separation anxiety, I’d like to extend the invite to everyone to come stay with me out in LA any time you want! (I’ll have a pool!) Please coordinate with everyone else I know so that there is always a revolving door of guests, please and thank you.

With Love from the Heart of Bottom,



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