Vlog #Veintiquatro: Big Ol’ City

Yes. I own a cowboy hat.

So here’s the thing about Taylor Swift: I finally understand her. I didn’t for a while, and now I do. It’s a huge milestone in the life of a young man when he can finally see the meaning of Taylor Swift. Yesterday all the stars aligned, as did the tear drops on my guitar; my professor talked about how Taylor Swift was just a darlin’ little girl trying to sing about how mean boys are. And she’s right. We are. Then I saw someone had posted a link to the new Taylor Swift music video on Facebook, and I thought to myself, “well hey, maybe there’s somethin’ to this little honey bunches of oats.” You know what? There is.

This video rocked my socks. First of all, who doesn’t love a good dust-bowl theme? I love this huge surge of underdog songs that have been coming out lately: T-Swift’s Mean, Katy Perry’s Firework, Pink’s Raise Your Glass, pretty much anything that they perform on Glee. Taylor Swift gets it right with this one… I was thinking yesterday as I was walking back from my last college class ever, how proud I was of myself to make it this far. Especially after all the dumb bullying I went through in middle school and high school. In less than a month, I’m moving to another big ol’ city, and to the best of my knowledge all those people that were mean in high school are still mean, and still stuck in a not so big city. Or in jail. Or have several illegitimate children. Or beer bellies. Or all of the above. If only they listened to a little more Taylor Swift… #lifelessons. I’ll leave you with the music video.

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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