Don’t you just love when good news is delivered via ukulele?!

It’s true! I just accepted a job to move out to LA in a little over a month! Hooray for not being homeless after graduation! I’ll have to admit, I’m going to miss New York, but I’m sure not too much once I get used to the 70 degree weather and sunshine. It’s a rough life… Now if only I could actually get better at playing the ukulele and singing at the same time, I’d fit right in as a SoCal-er. I already have an inordinate amount of flip flops, skinny jeans, cutoff shorts, and v-neck tees. Oh, and Wayfarers. And beanies. I’m pretty sure I can pull off this transition in a pinch. After a few months in the sun I think I’ll even be the requisite shade of mahogany that’s required of anyone living within a 30 minute driving distance of the Santa Monica Pier.

Anyone who has been to, lived in, or had out of body experiences involving LA, I would love to get your advice on anything and everything. I’m really excited to explore a new city, find new restaurants, a coffee shop to call my own, and above all become a card-holding member at Ralph’s. Yes, the grocery store. I’ve heard tell of it many a time, and am excited to immerse myself in all that is Ralphatory. If it’s good enough for Kathy Griffin’s mother to buy her boxed wine at, I’m not going to shake a stick at it.

Finally, I’m going to dedicate the next month and a half of my blog to my favorite things about New York, as a way of saying thank you and goodbye to a city that I’ve called home for the past four years. There may also be posts about exciting developments in the transition to the west coast (including a casting call to be my friend). I can’t put into words how freaking excited I am. If you see me at any point in the next week, just hug me. I’m in a very huggy, ukulele, sunshine-in-LA kind of place. God gave me the best Easter present EVER.

Ciao Bella!

Mateo “Suave” Yazge

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