Till The World Ends


Another Britney gem…


I’m not sure what my generation’s deal is, but apparently we’re all obsessed with death, Dystopia, and the general end of the world. Britney’s new music video feels like it could have been something pulled straight from The Hunger Games. It’s convenient, because I love both. “Till the World Ends” is hands down one of my favorite songs off of Britney’s new CD, Femme Fatale (which if you haven’t bought yet, you’re leading a life of depravity). It was actually written by Ke$ha, which could explain why it’s incredibly danceable, but also partially because of the whole apocalypse vibe. According to the dancers in this video, the song also amps up your libido a thousand-fold. The song (and video) really get at seems to be the prevailing ethos of our generation: the world is going to end, and there’s nothing you can do about it except dance and be sexy. It’s like existentialism, only with cleavage. Granted no one should spend too much time trying to analyze anything created by or for Britney Spears, but a little critical thought never hurt anyone. Maybe if they put some more thought into the “Hold it Against Me” music video, it wouldn’t have been so  painfully boring.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo “Existentialist Cleavage” Yazge


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