Sister Act!


Hail Holy Queen!


Happy Annunciation y’all! It’s very appropriate that last night I went to go see Sister Act: The Musical. The entire day leading up to the show I was listening to the soundtrack from the two original movies. Unfortunately for me, all of the music in the show is new. It was all very inspirational though, right along the same lines as the movie. Some of the dialogue they pulled straight from the film. Trust me, I have the whole thing committed to memory. I grew up watching those nuns (and Deloris is the namesake of a majority of my large investments – my car, my computer, my TV). When I got home last night, I Netflixed it. Thank GOD for instant watch.

One thing I did miss in the live performance was Whoopi. No one can out-do her. I especially didn’t appreciate the way the musical tried to make Deloris’s character ungrateful. The movie walked a fine line, but Whoopi never showed those nuns no disrespect, ya hear me? She understood the value of what faith offered those women and the community in which they lived. In the musical, you’d think that somehow after singing in cheap bars, Deloris magically decided to start preaching secular humanism in a Catholic cathedral. At the end there’s this awkwardly serious moment where they debate whether that “feeling” they get while singing is God, or the power of the human spirit. They decide maybe “they’re the same” and we can all go sing koombaya and write off all organized religion as long as we have a funky beat instead. Clearly this show is targeted at a less frequent mass-attending audience.

But! I will nonetheless be a devout Sister Act follower. I leave you with the video above, with the sisters singing Hail Holy Queen. On a day when we honor the Mother of God, it’s only proper that we groove to a little ditty about our Lady Mary.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

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