Vlog #Dieciseis: Feel My Love


Do you feel that? That’s my love. Also, it’s the simultaneous discomfort and glee that your body experiences upon hearing a Staten Island accent.


Yes, I bought a ukulele. So get on board. Do not be like some of my friends who have laughed in my face and implied that I have less than a fully-functioning brain. To them I say, “maliki liki maka!” You cannot make a ukulele player, however new to the craft, upset. It simply defies the nature of his soul. Speaking of souls, I can play that Yael Naim song, “New Soul.” It’s awesome.

Also, I’ve decided to name my ukulele Nancy. It just seems fitting, mainly because I’ve been watching the Showtime series Weeds nonstop for the past week (for non-viewers, Nancy is the main character). I feel that these two women, while one being a fictional character and the other a wooden, inanimate object, have a lot in common: a flair for the dramatic, a penchant for being played by men three times their size, and the ability to change the world through song… OK, so the last one might just be the ukulele, but you get the picture.  Nancy and I have a bright future together, and I one day hope to bring a happy family of little Nancies into the world. We’ll start a band, go on tour, and maybe live in a hippie organic commune. Oh, what more could a boy ask for?

I’ve only been playing for two days, as you can probably tell from the time it takes me to switch between chords. Luckily for me, I have plenty of accents I can employ to buy me time as my fingers find the right frets. Today’s jam is brought to you by Nancy and I straight out of Staten Island, a place that many a classy ukulele player call home.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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