Vlog #Catorce: The Luna Bar


There is no good reason why I can’t eat a Luna Bar every once and again… especially when cereal becomes to burdensome in the morning.


The biggest problem is that Luna Bars taste way more delicious than Cliff Bars, which I guess are the bars for dude health. But as long as I’m eating healthy (see the lobster roll an the key lime pie dipped in chocolate that I ate yesterday), I’m pretty sure that eating things that boost the lady health can’t hurt me. I mean, no, I don’t need folic acid for any reason whatsoever, but in the event that I end up on an episode of House and they prove that somehow I was born with a uterus, I want to make sure that that baby freak uterus is healthy and ready to start pumpin’ out offspring if that’s what it comes to. So for once and for all, can we all agree that Luna Bars are just delicious breakfast cereal alternatives and not the sexist dividers of America that everyone so desperately wants them to be?


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge

One response to “Vlog #Catorce: The Luna Bar

  1. In the event that you are unable to rid the world of the sexism oriented around Luna Bars, you can eat them for me and I’ll enjoy the Clif Bars.

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