Vlog #Once: Grammy angst a week late?


Huffington Post OpEd Piece by Disgruntled Hip-hopper
It’s too dumb to not read it yourself.


Dear “Music Industry Executive”,

Thank you for expressing your concern. I understand how upsetting it can be to cheer for one of your music icons (in your case Justin Beiber, among others) and not see them take home a win. You base much of your argument on the cultural impact that various artists have on society. While that is a valid argument, the Grammys are about excellence in recorded music. They are voted on by the industry, because the hope is that people in the industry can identify real talent better than tone-deaf fans. If you’re still confused, go ask the people at the Academy Awards about a little thing called artistry.

But, you’re right. We should talk a little bit about the cultural impact of some artists. I think that your support for Eminem is somewhat valid – before him, the voice of domestic abusers and hostile, rehab-bound neanderthals was insanely underrepresented in the industry. I can’t tell you how long Americans have been waiting for a song about tying your wife to the bed and burning the house down. Kudos to you and your ilk for wanting to have such an impact on culture. Though, maybe next year you could go with a message like Lady Gaga (love and respect yourself, accept people for their differences) and then you might actually have a shot at winning. Just throwing that out there. Haters never prosper.

As for the specifics of your Beiber argument, the reason why he has such a large impact on web culture (YouTube hits, Twitter followers, etc.) is because the vast majority of his fans are under the age of 12 – the same generation that will have carpal tunnel by the time they’re 25. Best New Artists winner Esperanza Spalding, while I hadn’t heard of her before Grammy night, is a real musician. I looked up the album that won her the Grammy, and it’s the kind of quality music and craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) that is seriously lacking from today’s crowd of mainstream artists. Not to mention she doesn’t need to be auto-tuned. If you want to really complain about someone losing their Grammy category, start taking out full-page ads in the NYTimes about Janelle Monae, then we can talk.

Thank you for your opinions, and dragging out the Grammy debate for a week past the awards. Really, nothing pleases me more than beating a dead horse. Develop a logical argument, and try again next year. Maybe in a more timely fashion.

Someone with Actual Musical Taste


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