Vlog #Quatro


Memory Eternal, Shamseh.


Sorry for the downer of a post. It’s really hard to be upbeat, offbeat, and my usual bit of crazy after spending the entire day at a funeral. But I was so very happy that I could make it today, and that my family made it in from Pennsylvania and I got to see them. I was especially grateful that everyone took today to celebrate her life instead of mourn her death, because that’s what Shamseh would have wanted. She was one of the first people to really make me feel at home in New York and was like a second grandma to me, but one that appreciated a well-timed glass of scotch after a long day or stressful situation. One in particular that I remember was when a group of us were in Chicago and we were taking cabs from the hotel to a nearby restaurant. Somehow she ended up in a cab with two of my friends, her grandchildren, and her husband… and a cab driver that spoke zero English. After 30 minutes, what should have taken only five, they finally meet us at the restaurant and over a stiff drink we hear all about how Shamseh was screaming from the back seat the entire ride, praying to God that they didn’t end up in Lake Michigan. The best part was that she laughed the entire time they told the story.

So here’s to Shamseh, and her memory. She was an amazing woman who I was lucky to have in my life, even if just for a brief time. Cheers!


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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