The Kids Aren’t Half Bad. The Parents? Not So Much.

These are the kids. They appear to be alright… kinda?


If you take a look at the kids’ faces, I’m sure that you get the overwhelming feeling that they’re “alright”. I finally got around to watching The Kids Are Alright last night. Of course I enjoyed it; who wouldn’t enjoy a movie about Lesbian mommies and a Mark Ruffalo sperm donor? What I’ve realized about a lot of the movies and TV shows I’ve been watching lately is that there is a huge focus on infidelity. (Spoiler Alert: Julianne Moore’s character takes a brief hiatus from lesbian monogamy and starts bumping uglies with Mark Ruffalo) While it makes for an interesting plot in one story, when you see it over and over again, it starts to wear on your patience.

Most of the cheating characters in these stories blame their spouse for being too controlling, boring, stupid, childish, etc. And you know what? I usually agree with them. I don’t understand why anyone would marry Nic – Annette Bening’s character. She’s awful. But that doesn’t give her wife license to go bang the sperm donor. Haven’t these characters seen enough Lifetime movies? Affairs never fix anything, and occasionally they end with the cheater becoming a Craigslist killer and dying in prison. Wouldn’t it be much easier to work out your problems with your life partner? Granted, a far less erotic solution, but at that age safer for your lower back. So think of that the next time you want to cheat on your wife with the sperm donor. I know I will.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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