The Big C

Laura Linney, you could be in a show about a woman who stares at a wall for 60 minutes every week, and I’d still watch it.


I’ve realized that I don’t just have an addiction to Nurse Jackie. I think I may have an addiction to Showtime original series. Granted, I love both leading ladies, Edie Falco and Laura Linney. But these shows are amazingly funny, dark, and in the case of The Big C, surprisingly profound. The show is centered around a women who finds out she has cancer, refuses treatment and gets all How Stella Got Her Groove Back. For instance, she calls one of her summer school  (played by Precious star Gabourey Sidibe) students fat and annoying. She then explains that she can either be fat and jolly, or a “skinny bitch.” But as long as she’s still fat and a bitch, no one is going to ask her to the prom. Lovely life lessons from a teacher, no? So the two make a deal that for every pound the student loses, Laura Linney will pay her $100. They now have once-a-week weigh-ins every Friday.

Where was this teacher when I was shedding my weight? I lost a good 12 pounds in a month and didn’t see a DIME. I’ll settle for the fact that because we have Comcast, I get to watch the rest of the first season of this show online. I’m crossing my fingers that this means once Nurse Jackie comes back on the air, that I’ll be able to watch that too. I’d hate to have to get addicted to another Showtime series in the meantime… *cough*CalifornicationisinmyNetflixcue*cough*. I mean, really… *cough*justboughtDexterseasonone*cough*. Don’t twist my arm.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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