Just What the Doctor Ordered

Next time I’m on a hospital run with a resident, I want her.


By the end of the day, I may have made it through an entire season of Nurse Jackie. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s like a hybrid of House and Grey’s Anatomy. Edie Falco plays a female Hugh Laurie-type who is addicted to all kinds of little pills and powders, cheats on her husband with the pharmacist at the hospital, and swears like a sailor. The catch is that she’s got a heart of gold… kind of. She’s the patron saint of the less fortunate patients that come through the hospital. In one episode there’s a guy who stabs a hooker 12 times, but the hooker manages to cut off his ear. When Edie Falco finds out that the stabber won’t face legal action because he’s a foreign diplomat, she flushes his ear down the toilet. Like I said, only kind of a saint.

I’m also in love with the supporting cast. The best friend is a doctor who always wears Manolo’s and treats Edie to expensive lunches. Also, she’s British, which really means she’s the whole package. I aspire to be her some day – wealthy, well-fed, accented. Then there’s the guy who played Dr. Carlisle (just doctorly, but a little more dead) in the Twilight series – Peter Facinelli – who is a young doctor and also really dumb. I’m telling you, put a vampire or dude who played a vampire in a movie/tv show, I’ll watch it. He’s also in one of my all-time favorite movies, Can’t Hardly Wait. Last but not least is the character Mohamed, the gay arab male nurse who likes to watch the Jets. As you can guess, this leads for all kinds of fun jokes including the running gag about how the burly male nurse named Thor is stalking him. The best part though is the repartee that the characters have though. Awesome show; the second season is already cued up on my Netflix.


Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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